Guide to buy Indian Mixers & Wet Grinders

What is the importance of watts in mixer grinder?

The watts of mixer grinder is very important for the performance of mixer grinders but that does not mean the highest watts mixer grinder is the best. So let us first explain what Watts in a Mixer Grinder is and then explain about how many watts mixer grinder is good?

What is watts in mixer grinder?

First of all let us define what Watts in a mixer grinder means. Watts in mixer grinder means the power of the motor in watts. Watt is a unit of power or the rate at which work is done. In the old days, a unit of power was defined as a Horse Power, the average power of a horse. Watts and Horse Power have a relation ship: 746 Watts power is equal to 1 Horse Power (HP). So a 750 watts mixer grinder is a 1 HP mixer grinder, which means it has a very powerful motor.

How many watts mixer grinder is good ?

In an ideal mixer grinder the blades of the mixer grinder should be able to use all the power produced by the motor. Most of the time when doing ordinary mixing, the mixer grinder does not use all the power. It is only when grinding thick pastes, like idli dosa batter, that the full power of the mixer grinder is utilised. So for most of the work in the kitchen, the difference between 550w and 750w mixer grinder does not matter. So a 500w mixer grinder will be good enough for ordinary every day kitchen blending and grinding.

The higher power mixer grinder becomes useful when making idli dosa batter. The difference between 500 watt and 750 watt or a 1000 watt mixer grinder becomes obvious. When comparing 500w vs 750w or 1000w mixer grinder, the 750 Watt mixer grinder will do the idli dosa batter mixing much faster than a 500 Watt mixer grinder, similarly the 1000 watts mixer grinder is better than a 750 watts mixer grinder for idli dosa maavu or paste making. So if your work in the kitchen does not involve heavy load grinding like making dosa batter or maavu, a good 550w mixer grinder like the Panasonic AC555, with all its extra options, will be a better buy.

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