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Sumeet Mixie first appeared in India in 1963. Sumeet Mixie was the first ever Indian Mixie or Indian Mixer Grinder and for a very long time was the only Indian Mixie available. The pride of Sumeet Mixer Grinder Model Asia Kitchen Machine which became the pride possession of almost all newly married brides in India late last century.

The Story of Sumeet Mixie, the first Indian Mixer grinder

The history of 'Sumeet' the first Indian mixie is interesting. There are two versions. One of the Sumeet site has the story like this: In late 1950's Siemens, a German multinational Company wanted to make mixies in India, but was refused a licence to manufacture because the government said that the sector was only open to Indian small scale industry. So Siemens dropped the idea.

Another more believable version of the story is that Satya Prakash's wife asked him to repair a Braun mixie she was using. Satya Prakash inspected the burnt Braun mixie and it dawned on him that the foreign mixies were not suitable for the rough and tough Indian cooking needs. These foreign mixies did not have the power to handle the spice grinding , dosa grinding and other tough jobs required by Indian housewives. So Satya Prakash Mathur, an employee of Siemens India, ventured out to make a factory for Indian made mixer grinders suitable for the Indian Kitchen.

Anyway, in 1963 Mr. Satya Prakash Mathur floated a company called Power Control and Appliances Company. 4 other employees of Siemens India also joined Mr. Mathur. By 1965 they had a good design of a workable small electric motor for the mixie. By 1970 they designed a single jar for both dry mixing and wet grinding. By 1980 Sumeet were selling about 50,000 mixer grinders every month.

Unfortunately for Sumeet their mixies were copied by other start-up companies and Sumeet slowly lost their share of the market.

Sumeet 750 watts Asia kitchen Machine

The Sumeet Asia Grinder was the most popular model in India from the once mighty Sumeet brand of Mixer Grinders. Now the brand Sumeet is hardly seen in the shops of India. But Sumeet mixer grinders in USA is being sold by online stores like Amazon.

Sumeet SP 16 Food processor

This is a new product from Sumeet and differs from the conventional mixer grinders. It is food processor, which means it can do jobs like atta mixing, chopping or slicing of onions, etc. A normal mixie jar is provided to do conventional mixer grinder work.

The Sumeet Domestic Plus IL

Equipped with the NEW 750 Watt Motor, the Sumeet Domestic Plus comes with 2 Stainless Steel jars, a 1.2 Liter Stainless Steel Jar with 4 inter-changeable Blades for Dry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mincing/Grating, Blending and Whipping. Also included is a Spice Grinder Jar.

The Sumeet Multi Grind

The Sumeet Multi Grind is a compact machine. It has a space saving design with a 400 watt motor. It has only one Stainless Steel Jar and Blade which can be used for many applications.

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