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How to make juice in mixer grinder? do we need a Juicer?

Juices can be made both in a mixer grinder and in a juicer. If the pulp of the fruits or vegetables are not separated out from the resulting juice after blending in a mixer grinder, then it will be called a ‘Smoothie’. A smoothie means fruit or vegetables very finely ground in a blender to make a thick homogeneous liquid which we can drink as health drink. The whole fruit is in the smoothie, including the juice and the pulp. There is no wastage. You get all the goodness of the fibers in the fruit. There are special blenders to make smoothies as elaborated in our page about the best smoothie makers.

Making juice in a mixer grinder or juicer better?

The answer depends on what you prefer – more of juicing or making dosa idly paste or maavu. The juicer enables you to get pure juice out of hard vegetables like Carrots and Beetroot, but the juicing process and the cleaning after is difficult. Personally I make Carrot/Beetroot juices using the big Stainless Steel jar of mixer Grinders. Only thing you have to add about half liter of water for every half Kg of Carrot or Beetroot. After blending in the mixer grinder, you use a normal kitchen sieve to filter out the juice from the remaining pulp and you get a good semi thick juice. With the juicer attachment, like in the Sujata Powermatic, you have to press carrot or beetroot slices through the top hole of the juicer against the rotating grater in the juicer. This is not easy. The grated carrot falls into the rotating receiver underneath and due to centrifugal forces the grated mass gets pressed against the honeycomb filter at the sides and juice comes out. You may be disappointed with the amount and thickness of the juice coming out. So I personally prefer to juice carrots and beetroot in the normal big jar as explained above. This way you are actually extracting all the soluble nutrients and the mixer grinder blended juice may be healthier.

So if you are thing of buying a Juicer Mixer Grinder, think again, Do you really need a juicer attachment. Once the initial fancy of owning a new piece of gadget goes away, most probably, you will come to realize that the juicer was not necessary. It is not easy trying to shove in the cut pieces of fruits and vegetables into the grater of the Juicer. Like me, most probably, you will tuck away the juicer attachment in some corner of your kitchen cabinet and eventually forget about it.

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