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Our site 'iMixie' stands for 'Indian Mixie' and is all about the best Indian Mixer Grinders commonly called Mixie or Mixies, a term which evolved in India for the Indian Blenders made in India. The Indian Mixie is the most advanced and best Mixer grinder in the world, because they are designed to do the rough and tough grinding jobs required for Indian cooking recipes like Dosas, Idly and Vadas.

The Indian Mixie design is especially suited to grind Indian Spices and Masalas for making Curries. The latest Mixies have new attachments like juicers and coconut graters and coconut milk extractors.

The most popular Mixer Grinders in India are discussed on the dedicated pages each of the Indian Mixie manufacturers. For our lucky friends who are in USA and Canada, they still want to make their idlys and dosas. For their sake we have a dedicated page on the Best 110V Mixies or Mixers or Mixer Grinders available in USA and Canada.

Along with Indian mixer grinders, the other very popular gadget for Indian cooking is the wet grinder. We have a dedicated page on the Best model Indian wet grinders. Also concerning wet grinders, there is a page on How to select the right Wet Grinder.

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian cooking

There are many Mixer Grinder brands in India and there are differing opinions about the best Mixie in India, but the Preethi Mixer Blue Leaf Platinum is generally considered best Mixer Grinder in India. We have a page where we have selected, what we feel are the best Mixer Grinders to buy in India, and we explain why we think the selected mixer grinders are the best in India.

We have separate pages for the most popular Mixies in India which are as follows (in Alphabetical Order). Click on the Mixie name to take you to the dedicated page of that mixie.

List of the most popular Mixer Grinders or Mixies in India

Different kinds of Kitchen Appliances

Most popular types of Kitchen Machines
Most popular types of Kitchen Machines

The images here shows the most popular Kitchen Appliances of today. In the picture here, 1 and 3 are Mixies (Blenders), with rotating blades fixed inside the bottom of a jar. Item 6 is also a blender which is hand held with the rotating blades at the bottom. Item 5 is a Stand Mixer. Item 2 is a food processor and item 4 is a combo blender cum food processor.

The invention of the small electric motor with less than 1 Horse Power (746 Watts) power output in the early 1900's led to the rapid development of small domestic appliances like blenders, mixer grinders or mixies, vacuum cleaners, etc. The first electric blender was invented 1922 for making Milk Shakes by Mr. Stephen J. Poplawski, a Polish American. A blender is an appliance which has fast rotating blades either fixed at the bottom of the jar or has blades at the end of a portable hand held device.

Kitchen Machines for Indian Cooking

Indian cooking requires many pastes like ginger garlic paste, chutneys, idli dosa batter and so on. The first blender suited for Indian cooking and made entirely in India was the Sumeet. We Indians called it a 'Mixer Grinder' rather than a 'blender', and we even coined a special name for it 'The Mixie'. This site 'iMixie.Com' is dedicated to the Indian Mixie, and it is all about the great Indian Mixie, which without doubt is the best in the world, and all of us Indians can be proud of it.

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