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Indian cooking requires many pastes like ginger garlic paste, chutneys and so on. In the olden days this work used to be done manually on a block of stone with a cylindrical stone grinder pushed back and forth manually. These manual stone grinders used in Indian cooking are called 'Sil batta' in Hindi where 'Sil' is the flat stone and 'Batta' the cylindrical grinding stone. These old style stone grinders in Indian cooking has been replaced with modern kitchen grinders like mixer grinders or mixies and wet grinders.

What is the Difference between Blender and Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is actually a modified blender. Blenders are used to make milk shakes, cocktails with crushed ice and so on. Blenders normally come with just 2 jars, one for blending liquids with a capacity of about 1 Liter and a small powdering attachment which were incorporated for powdering coffee. These types of blenders are what is normally available in the western world like in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. But this type of blenders are not suited for Indian cooking, where it is required to make chutneys, mix idly dosa batter and so on.

So the traditional blender was modified to suit Indian cooking. The Indian Mixie Sumeet was responsible for this change over from a traditional blender to the Indian Mixer Grinder popularly called a 'Mixie'. Sumeet Mixies first appeared in India in 1963. See our dedicated page for the Sumeet story. Sumeet was the only mixer grinder available in India for many years but now in India there are many brands of Indian Mixies like Bajaj, Butterfly, Havells, Inalsa, Jaipan, Kenstar, Meenumix, Panasonic, Philips, Preethi, Premier, Ultra, etc.

What is the Difference between Mixer Grinder and Food Processer

Picture of Sanyo Food Factory from its recipe cook book
Sanyo Food Factory Book

While a mixer grinder is better at making idly dosa maavu or batter, making smooth chutneys, making ginger garlic paste and masala paste, etc., the function of a food processer is quite different from that of a mixer grinder. A food processer is designed to slice, grate and shred vegetables, mince meat, knead or make chapatti dough, etc. A food processer is heaven sent when you need to slice a lot of onions, the food processer takes less than a second to thinly slice a big onion. Chapatti kneading or mixing the flour for making chapatti takes just a few seconds to make really soft chappati dough. Mincing meat to almost paste like consistency also takes a few seconds. So a food processer does make life easy for Indian cooking.

One of the earliest food processer was the 'SANYO Food Factory' and the author of this site was the proud owner of a Sanyo Food Factory in the early 1980s. The SANYO Company has been taken over by Panasonic, but recently I saw an exact modern replica of the SANYO Food Factory under the new label of 'Panasonic Food Factory'. See a picture of the SANYO Food Factory, as it appears on the cover of a SANYO Food Factory Recipe Book supplied with the SANYO food factory almost 35 years ago.

What is Food Factory Mixie

Food Factory kitchen machine

In India a Food Factory means a Food Processer combined with a Mixer Grinder into one machine. The latest food processers combine both the mixer grinder and food processer into one unit and they call it the Food Factory. We have a picture here of the Bajaj Food Factory. Food Factory will have two mounting points for the jars on the motor base. One mounting which normally is on the left side and at a higher level is where the mixer grinder jar and the chutney jars will be mounted. On the right at a lower level will be the mounting for the food processor jar, which is wider and has bigger blades.

One single shaft drives both the mixer grinder jars and the food factory chopping and kneading attachment. The mixer grinder jars are directly driven by the motor at high spee. But the food chopper attachment drive is thorugh a belt drive and the speed on the slicer kneeder attachment will be much slower for more efficient slicing and kneeding work.

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